Acqua Corrente Project
An investigation into the community of Villetta Barrea

Promoted by EnegRed, the company which worked on the revamping of the historic hydroelectric power plant, helping to transform the little municipality into the first “nZEC” in Italy, Acqua Corrente is an investigation into the community of Villetta Barrea by photographers Yvonne De Rosa ( Rottami d’oro e d’argento. Totale Grammi 135), Simona Filippini (Quatràn) and Alfredo Corrao (Reciproco). The three projects are collected in a book, with critical texts by Silvana Bonfili and Chiara Capodici. Book design Luigi Cecconi and Gabriele Savanelli/ Yogurt Creative Agency.

Quatran is a local dialect term meaning youths. The term can be used in both the feminine and the masculine form, as they told me in our chat. Together we were looking for a word, familiar to them, to use to talk about this time spent together: one session a month to get to know each other and tell me about the place where they live.

Arianna, Alessia, Alberto, Alessandro, Gabriel, Rosanna, Beatrice, Bice and Mario are aged between 15 and 19.
I invited them, in a way I am fond of doing, to photograph their everyday life in this beautiful but not easy place to live in at their age.

I took photographs allowing myself be guided by what they told me; in particular, I photographed them, trying to record their changes each time, in the places they frequent most. From the first autumn meeting, which took place in the gym headed by Master Carafa during taekwondo training, to late summer, as the group grew, became established and changed (…). Simona Filippini