A video by Simona Filippini

Docu-film that illustrates the new citizens ’s training needs, children and adults, and some interventions carried out by the roman associations belonging to the Scuolemigranti Network.

Directed by Simona Filippini

Editing by Adalberto Gianuario

Assistants to the director Pierluigi Zolli, Giuliano Cipollone

Produced by Cesv – Centro Servizi Volontariato Lazio, association Piuculture, association The poor in the center.


Simona Filippini and Elisabetta Portoghese

42 degrees North / 12 degrees East are roughly the geographical coordinates of Castelnuovo di Porto, a small town a few kilometers north of Rome made known by the presence and then closure of the second largest asylum seekers reception center in Italy .

This short video, conceived on the occasion of the first edition of the Festival of Humanity, brings together the testimonies of some of those who lives there from more generations and those who over the years and more recently have chosen the town as their new home.

Its population of about 8,500 inhabitants makes it an interesting microcosm and its structure, varied and multi-ethnic, is a laboratory of the future.


Directed by Simona Filippini e Elisabetta Portoghese

Editing by Adalberto Gianuario

With the support of the municipality of Castelnuovo di Porto


A video by Simona Filippini and Matteo Antonelli

They have different interests, accents, ambitions and clothes. There’s the one who wants to be a doctor and others who want to be engineers, fashion designers, diplomats or a pastry chefs.
There’s the one with the strong Naples accent, the one with the Milanese inflection, and the one with the typical Palermo lilt. They read and comment on the articles of the Italian Constitution, yet most of them are not yet Italian citizens and some won’t even be able to claim citizenship at 18 because they weren’t born in Italy.

The video joins in the debate on the right of citizenship of second-generation young people, the respect and promotion of cultural differences as assets, and Italy’s lack of an adequate culture of integration.


Feminine Plural, project devised by Simona Filippini in conjunction with Eva Tomei and Sveva Bellucci
Text by Igiaba Scego and Francesca Orsi
It’s my body and I’ll photograph it myself.

We prepared a photo set at the Casa Internazionale delle Donne in Rome and, after having posted an invitation on the Internet, 75 women of all ages photographed each other, freely choosing which part of their bodies to show and whether or not to make themselves recognizable.

The “feminine plural” was at last joyfully expressed in all its nuances.

The project was funded by the Commissione delle Elette (committee of women councillors) and the Cultural Policies Department of the Province of Rome.

Music kindly provided by Lali Puna.


A video by  Simona Filippini and Manuela Fugenzi using the materials provided by the students of the Liceo Elsa Morante in Scampia, following the “Photography and Italian Identity Project” created by Manuela Fugenzi and Camera21, in conjunction with Villa Pignatelli – Casa della Fotografia.  Naples

Editing by Jacopo Tofani

Music kindly provided by ‘A67.