For the PAESI collective project, promoted by the Medaniene Museum System thanks to the Lazio Region Call for Culture and made with 14 photographers from the Women Photographers Association, I chose to work in the territory of Subiaco, portraying the people. I then approached their faces with details of frescoes kept in churches, monasteries and at the Rocca Abbey, to pay homage to an area that was and still is an important cultural and religious center. The town is strongly linked to the tradition of paper production and the printing of books since the Middle Ages, a tradition that unfortunately disappeared with the cessation of the activities of the Paper Mill in 2001, a structure that employed many Sublacense families. Thanks to the Director, Professor Emanuela Fubelli and the Professor of Art and Image, Prof. Maria Grazia Crialesi, I had the opportunity to create a small project on photographic portrait with the students of the 3B Subiaco Public School.