The exhibition is part of the project Roma Chilometro Zero by Leica Camera and Contrasto Books

Parco della Fotografia

Hardly anyone knows the Parco della Fotografia in Rome. It is located south of the city between Via Ardeatina and Via di Grotta Perfetta and covers 42 hectares. From the first time I saw it, I immediately imagined entering an imaginary garden. A garden where the vegetation was enchanted, where the plants could talk to me, where I would meet mysterious and surprising inhabitants of all ages. Early in the morning or at nightfall, as in fairy tales, unusual creatures appeared.

Among them a good gnome, an acrobat girl, a smoke-eating girl, a photographer from the past… in any case, only kind people. They showed me the direction in an imaginary Rome, where the history of photography resonates in the names of the streets. I’ve talked enough. You can see for yourself. Thank you, Simona