As soon as the lockdown was announced in Italy on 9th March 2020 I asked my husband Luciano and my children Leonardo and Francesco to help me make a family portrait a day on the sofa, I felt lucky to have my family at home at that moment.
Just like anybody else I believed that the obligation to be locked up at home would last just a few days. Since the beginning the ritual of shooting helped me give meaning and rythm to my days, to give a sense in a non sense situation.
If not on time to make the portrait in the morning or in the afternoon I was confident that I would be able to make something good before dinner however. Sometimes the scene spontaneously offered to me, sometimes a subject, a news story or an important date helped me/us get an idea.
I also made some self portraits, starting a practice I had little experienced before in my photographic language.
I stopped the project the 3 rd of May, the last day of total lockdown.
The 4th of May “normal” life started again.
All 54 pictures on my ig profile @simonafilippini_