The phone rings at dinner time, because patients, friends and neighbors call her for every small or large emergency. The separation, already fragile for every doctor, between working and personal life no longer exists now. Dr. Flaminia Piazzoni takes care of 1500 people, the maximum number of patients allowed. Many of them, around 50% of the total, are over 65 years old and quite a few are unable to move around, making a home visit necessary, over a vast territory in the northern area of ​​Rome.

My reportage was created for the Territorial Public Accounts System of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and edited by Officine photographic Rome, and is part of the exhibition and book Faces of Public Administration, created by the photographers. Daria Addabbo, Dario De Dominicis, Andrea Boccalini, Fabio Moscatelli and Stefano Mirabella, each one engaged in a different field.